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Tom Siple Foundation

The foundation's roots began with Tom's son Duane's ALS diagnosis.  Because of the progression of the disease, Tom didn't know whether he would be able to take his son hunting in a traditional manner again.  So he purchased a gun mount designed to be operated with Duane's chin and mouth.

Sadly, Tom passed away before Duane had his hunt.  So Mark Hildebrand stepped in and took Duane on his adventure.  Afterwards, Mark thought it would a great opportunity to take others with a handicap or disability on a hunt or outdoor adventure like Duane's. This was the beginning of the Tom Siple Foundation.

The Tom Siple Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation helping disabled, handicapped, and terminally ill men, women, and children.  We offer hunts or outdoor adventures to the recipients or give monetary donations or supply equipment to those in need!

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100% of all donations and profits are used to benefit the foundation recipients!